What does it mean to feel "grounded"?

Here is a collection of sea glass I harvested from a beach on Martha's Vineyard. It is another image that captures what feeling “grounded” mean to me: being submerged in the beauty of sand and sky and sea while pursuing a creative project! I believe it is a feeling that can shift a person into a higher state of performance and well-being, where you are on top of your game and anything is possible. My vision is a community grounded in healthy, sustainable leadership and creative work with like-minded partners.

What is "cultivating leadership well-being"?

The act of cultivating is also the act of nurturing - whether it's the soil in your garden, or the leaders on your team. There is a sharper focus on the link between leadership and well-being with the rise of media platforms like Thrive Global and the recognition that taking care of leaders' personal and professional needs is good for the bottom line. It's my mission to cultivate leadership well-being by providing consulting services that emphasize learning, support and transition-readiness for nonprofits in the Triangle. 

Why is it important?

There are some troubling statistics* about the well-being of nonprofit leaders: 75% stated that they were searching for another position, 45% reported feeling burned out and fatigued by fundraising, 33% had strained board relations. Equally as important, 71% of nonprofits report not having a formal succession plan in place. These are not optimal conditions for sustainable mission outcomes. Cultivating leadership well-being in the executive role and at the board table should be high priorities for high performance nonprofits. 

* Countdown to the Inevitable, NC Center for Nonprofits, 2015; Nonprofit HR Employment Practices Survey, 2016