As summer gives way to autumn, my favorite season of the year, I offer up this "Grounded Manifesto" to describe the outcomes I am seeking to make with my partners. These are organizations who are open to change and transformation and will embrace a culture of learning, support and transition-readiness.


Our organization embraces a culture of learning – we know that what we did ten years ago, five years ago or even last year, may not be the most effective strategy for our rapidly changing world today. Rather than say, “that’s how we do things around here,” we say, “what new strategy can we learn today that can position us for a more successful tomorrow?” We strive to innovate and accelerate change.


Our organization supports each other and our board works in a healthy partnership with the ED and his/her team. We understand that choosing what “not to do,” is as important as what “to do.” We have each other’s backs and endeavor to give each other the benefit of the doubt. We view the world through the lens of abundance and opportunity and strive to build appreciation into our work.


Our organization has a strong commitment to leadership development to build sustainable human capacity in our team. We understand the need for succession plans at all levels, especially at the fulcrum of leadership between the ED and board chair. We strive to monitor our team’s well-being so we can respond quickly to any changes without compromising our mission delivery.