Photo by Curtis Brown Photography

Photo by Curtis Brown Photography

Leading for over 35 years

With over 35 years of experience in sales, marketing and nonprofit management, Lisa has a solid track record of leading organizational change. As the former CEO of NC Theatre and former board co-chair of Raleigh City Farm, she offers a unique leadership perspective and a creative, results-oriented approach that motivates and inspires her teams. 

Lisa and I have been serving side-by-side as board co-chairs at Raleigh City Farm and I am in constant awe of her drive, enthusiasm, creativity, joy, and vision. She pours out gratitude on volunteers, urges board members to reach lofty goals, and ensures good governance. I watch her literally “dig in” by pulling weeds on the farm and metaphorically dig in to the tough and rewarding work of setting up this little nonprofit for a big future. Raleigh City Farm has structure and stability, courtesy of the experience and dedication of Lisa! ~Tara Zechini Owens, Raleigh City Farm Board Co-chair

Lisa Grele Barrie: 8.0

1.0 - Advertising (Boston)

2.0 - Sales (The New Yorker)

3.0 - World Travels (Planet Earth)

4.0 - Marketing (Talbots)

5.0 - Consulting (LGBMC)

6.0 - Nonprofit (GCMD)

7.0 - Nonprofit Performing Arts (NCT)

8.0 - Grounded_LGB LLC

As the board chair of NC Theatre, I worked extensively with Lisa during her tenure as CEO of that organization. She is an outstanding and dynamic leader. She fostered a collaborative and creative atmosphere with her staff that was very effective. She allowed them independence and flexibility tempered with clear goals and guidance. This empowered her team to have great success each year. With regard to the Board, she worked tirelessly to keep us informed and followed the strategic plan that had been adopted. Her real “superpower,” is fundraising. She worked tirelessly to identify key supporters and prospects of the theatre and led her staff and the volunteers to achieve all financial objectives. In sum, It was my honor to work with such an inspiring and dedicated leader. ~Dan Bryson, NC Theatre Board Chair