A New Season of Growth

This past March, I worked with a group of volunteers at Raleigh City Farm, preparing several areas of farmscaping for their next season of growth. This careful editing process included weeding, moving plants from overcrowded spaces into bare patches, seeding, mulching and watering. This joyful act of cultivating for the future was also happening in my own life, as I continued down a path of personal and professional discovery to gain clarity on where I would plant my own seeds.

It is a beautiful coincidence that in this season of summer abundance, with the majestic sunflowers that we planted reaching towards the sun, that I announce the launch of my new consulting company, Grounded_LGB LLC. My mission is to help organizations get grounded; to cultivate leadership well-being and deliver innovative solutions to capacity challenges. I’ve held leadership roles both inside and outside of the nonprofit space and am excited to continue supporting work that makes a difference in our community.

This is my second foray into the world of consulting. I founded my company “LGB Marketing Communications” in Royal Oak, MI in the early 1990’s to accommodate a lifestyle that included two young sons and the need for greater flexibility. One of my first projects was advancing a three-tiered events plan designed to activate downtown spaces. I am inspired that these events are still deeply rooted in the community, themed with my passions: flowers (Royal Oak in Bloom), art (Royal Oak Clay, Glass and Metal Show) and parades (Royal Oak Holiday Magic Parade).

I’m excited to forge new partnerships in the Triangle and begin to envision ways to make meaningful, sustainable change through leadership development, creativity and collaboration. Just imagine what amazing seeds can take root, grounded in hope, joy and possibility!