Watch Your Backside

Today I received an e-newsletter from a leadership forum I recently attended; right away I clicked to the Flickr album to, you know, see if I was featured.

Are you ever surprised at your face that greets you from across the digital divide? Does the posture and energy from this person reflect your truest, best self? Is this someone you want to hang out with?

I was easy to spot in the photos because of my orange fuzzy suit. It was a cold, rather dreary day and I chose this outfit to uplift my spirits and increase my confidence — things I believe our wardrobes are meant to do.

My choice of clothing did receive more than one compliment and I recognized myself in the front facing photographs. Several of the pictures, however, were taken from the side or behind; captured when I was not aware of the camera.

This got me thinking about my posture and energy from a new perspective. It made me consider other parts of my being that do not get as much attention, and I’m not just talking about a cursory brushing of the back of my hair.

What new learning or insights have I pushed to the back burner because it’s a safer choice? What knowledge can I examine with greater intention to continue to “level up” my leadership skills? How can I more fully integrate both sides of me into the best version of myself?

Have you taken time out to consider your backside lately?