Grounded, Green, Growth and Gratitude

March: the month of spring’s return with renewed hope as new green life, dormant throughout the winter, emerges from the ground. Setting my eyes on Mother Nature’s gifts keeps me grounded and cultivates my leadership well-being. The garden beckons and reminds us that there is much work to be done and new beginnings are possible every day.

I’ve been reading a book by Daniel H. Pink titled “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing.” It puts the question of “when?” into the center of the conversation, and could be a useful shift to those of us who have been focused on the “why?” It also shares fascinating information about human behavior and explores how mid points in life or projects can result in “slumps” or “sparks.”

Spring and all of its glorious awakenings can be a great catalyst for setting new intentions. Have you spent time considering what new growth will happen for you and when it will emerge?