Considering the Magical Properties of Laughter

Last night I attended a show, titled “Murder for Two” at NC Theatre. Alone. It was one of the best decisions I made that day. The laughter vibe bubbled up immediately when I exclaimed, “Murder for One, please,” upon picking up my solo stub at will call ( thank you Donna, Alice and Kim). My seat was in the front row, house left, and I was sandwiched in-between three long-time patrons - two women and a man. I was flattered that they remembered me (after all, I was the CEO for nearly nine years) and the initial banter was concern over their seating. They loved the front row, but was this too far left, was the view obstructed? I insisted that I switch seats and engaged in a thumb war to seal the deal. They would not budge, but we enjoyed a good chuckle!

It’s hard to explain the incessant energy and outsized talent of the two men on stage who sing, act (13 roles), dance, AND play acrobatic piano duets. The show is described as the “perfect blend of music, mayhem and murder,” but it is so much more. The comedic timing and relentless humor had me laughing from start to finish. My seat mates and I exchanged incredulous glances and smiles throughout this nonstop romp. I snorted and belly-laughed in tune with a symphony of audience merriment. At the end I felt slightly exhausted, exhilarated and in awe of how these two actors kept the audience (and each other) engaged and entertained for over 90 minutes. The camaraderie continued as the audience filed out of the theatre - everyone was buzzing and talking and smiling. Bravo NC Theatre!

What a pleasure to take a well-deserved break from the relentless news cycle that can debilitate and divide. Last night was a potent reminder of theatre’s relevant role in building community and uplifting our spirits. Do yourself a favor - indulge in a night of laughter with NC Theatre - you’ll feel its magical properties!