Grounded in Gratitude All Year Long

It’s that time of year again — or is it? Turning our attention to gratitude around Thanksgiving makes perfect sense. We take time off, we gather with family and friends, we recount the blessings in our lives and if you’re like me, you enjoy lots of pumpkin pie. What greater impact could we make if we committed to a consistent, daily practice of gratitude in our lives? There are countless books and journals and blogs devoted to this topic, so I am not adding anything new to the conversation. In typing out words, I am reminding myself to exercise this habit that can shine light into dark times.

This was the year that I made a huge leap into the unknown; my inner wisdom beckoned me to reinvent myself and create a new lifestyle with a sharper focus on personal and professional well-being. I took my own hand and heart and began the journey. The foundation was a letter writing project that connected me to a vast community of support, past and present. Each time I wrote another letter, the gratitude flowed more freely. Here’s another opportunity to give some shout-outs to those who helped me get Grounded.

My family has championed my efforts and allowed me the space to experiment and grow. Celebrating the life of my father at the beginning of the year deepened my appreciation for both parents’ legacy of community service and philanthropy; honoring their story in my own actions has rooted me to my own purpose. I am grateful to live in a neighborhood and a community that offers so many reasons to connect and serve. A short list includes Raleigh City FarmRPWFOakwood Garden Club, and the Women’s Giving Network.

In addition, I am so fortunate to have a group of women friends who support and encourage me. From my book club to other supportive circles, I hang with some pretty amazing individuals who inspire me and remind me of my worth. My community expanded big-time this year through Seth Godin’s altMBA. This four-week online course gave me the additional permission I needed to pursue my purpose while connecting me to an incredibly authentic, committed, diverse and talented global community of ruckus-makers.

Happy Thanksgiving today, and every day of the year to all!