2017 is a Wrap - Walking into the Possibilities of 2018

The year that I celebrated my dad’s life and my 30th wedding anniversary and my son’s college graduation and made family more of a priority. The year that I marched with my husband and thousands of women wearing pink hats in Washington DC and lived in a perpetual sense of disbelief and indignation about the state of our national governance. The year that I “leveled up” my leadership through Seth Godin’s altMBA and launched my consulting company, Grounded_LGB LLC. The year that I wrote 365 letters to people who mattered in my life in a spirit of slow appreciation and connection.

Here are the questions that I ask myself with 2018 lurking around the corner: “How can I use the lessons learned from this past year to do more work that matters and make more positive change in my community?” “ What new partnerships can I form that will be mutually beneficial?” “How can I support my family and friends with the most love and generosity possible?” “What other opportunities will present themselves that are not even on my radar?” “How can I support the professional development of emerging leaders and organizations in transition with more energy and creativity and grace?”

As the sun sets on 2017, I send all of the positive energy within me to everyone in my sphere who were part of this year’s remarkable journey. Wishing all of us more love, light, empathy and understanding in 2018.